NEW pay in 12 installments with SprayPay

by Alex Berkenbosch

New at Horse Boutique, your order can now also be paid with SprayPay!

With SprayPay you pay your order from € 250 to € 2500 in 12 installments! If a purchase does not come out just then this can certainly offer a solution. With SprayPay you immediately know whether you are eligible or not. SprayPay asks you a number of questions about your financial situation. The combination of your answers and a test with, among others, the BKR determine whether it is justified to start paying in installments.

SprayPay has obtained permission from the Financial Markets Authority (AFM) under the license number 12045002 to grant loans. They are the first service provider to make spread payments possible without the use of documents and long request times. SprayPay is the trade name of Webfin Leningen BV. As a young, independent Dutch payment method, we are part of Webfin Holding BV. For more information we refer you to SprayPay

SprayPay: how does it work?

Shop online Choose the item you want in the webshop

Pay in installments On the payment page, go to SprayPay - Spread payments

SprayPay Process step 3

Checkout SprayPay pays the item after which you repay us in installments

Refund After 30 days we collect the first monthly amount by direct debit

Payment completed Pay all installments and no amount is outstanding? Support a charity !